Dodgy Driver Who Overslept Takes Bus Lane Up Mickleham Road

John Fitzwilliams, an accountant from Greenvale, made no apologies today as The Seagull confronted him with footage he had illegally drove in the bus lane up Mickleham Road.


"I make no apologies," Fitzwilliams said.

Fitzwilliams is one of a number of growing drivers who resort to using the bus lane during the morning peak hour traffic.

"Mickleham Road is extremely congested every morning," says Robbie Swain, a local. "I think they need to put a tunnel under it. Tunnels fix everything. Look at the West Gate Tunnel or the new North-East Link."

Bus drivers are becoming frustrated with the situation too, saying the heavy traffic and continuing roadworks are creating the perfect storm.

"I'm very frustrated," says Leo, a bus driver. "There's a lot of roadworks."