Paedophiles' Rights Under Threat: Abbott

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has continued his crusade against "so-called" political correctness, this time attacking the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse.


As the Commission collates the evidence and prepares to hand down its findings in December, it has recommended that priests face punishment should they fail to notify authorities if someone confesses to them that they have attacked a child.

Abbott declared this a "chilling attack on religious freedom." 

"All religious institutions must be protected against state subversion and be allowed to run their operations without interference," the onion eater said.

The Seagull spoke to two male men on two different ends of the spectrum. Ahmed, an Islamic Muslim from WESTERN SYDNEY, was confused by Abbott.

"Is he saying that Muslims can follow their religion to its core, so, like allowing polygamy?"

The other male man, convicted paedophile Robert Burns, was relieved by Abbott's intervention.

"When I'm released, it means I can commit more crimes and soothe my soul at church the next day, knowing full well the Liberal Party is protecting me from oppression.

The Seagull contacted Tony Abbott for comment.