Racist Hipsters Go Centrist, Saying Nazism Is Too Mainstream

A group of American racist hipsters have decided to ditch alt-right and white nationalism after the terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, saying it "is too mainstream."

The storm continues to rage in America this week, especially since President Donald Trump keeps flip-flopping on whether Nazis are evil or "very fine people."

"It's just a mess," said Hank Smith, a labourer from North Carolina. "We knew things were different once Stephen Bannon got into the White House, but now it's just gone too far.

"I mean, these guys were chanting 'Jews will not replace us.' That sort of talk would only happen at secret meetings, but now that Trump accepts that it means it's too popular."

Smith was frustrated at society's acceptance, even embrace of antisemitism and racism.

"To be warmly accepted when you're a rogue outlier of society is not something we want frankly. I'm going to register as an Independent."