Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Clickbait Articles

Are you sick and tired of being sucked into those superfluous reams of text that offer nothing of value and only reel you in through manipulative headlines? Are you sick of seeing something about Taylor Swift? Are you tired of reading about ‘our fave celebs’ in some meaningless top 10 list? Do you loathe Mamamia’s grip on your life? Well here, at last, at The Seagull we’ll throw 10 top tips your way to avoid those clickbait cliches.

  1. Get Clash of Titans. Or any game for your phone. Preferably not a betting one though.
  2. Delete all social media accounts. No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If you must have Instagram, just have your friends. And try to make them your actual, human, real-life friends.
  3. Delete any news websites from your bookmarks. It’s probably fake news anyway.
  4. Make Google your homepage. We tried Nyan cat first, but several computers were destroyed in the process of writing this article.
  5. Don’t click on the clickbait. It’s like not swearing at toddlers throwing a tantrum - it can be done.
  6. Have books on your phone. If you still read books, keep reading it on your next break at work.
  7. Work at work. You’re paid to do a job there, after all, not gaze at articles about boobs.
  8. Get a 200MB data plan. You won’t be clicking through after the first time bill shock happens.
  9. Become intelligent. You don’t need to be a pawn for news media companies and the advertising industry.
  10. Cut off your hands. Seriously, it takes a lot of effort to now make Siri find clickbait for you.