Barnaby Joyce Insists He's Half Tomato, Not Half Kiwi

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce insists he is a full Australian citizen and not half-Kiwi by descent of his father.

Another week and another fiasco involving a potential dual citizen serving as a parliamentarian in Parliament House has come to light. Joyce has referred himself to the High Court to have his citizenship status determined.

ā€œI was born in Australia in 1967 to an Australian mother and I think Iā€™m fifth generation," Joyce told to the Parliament. "My father was born in New Zealand, came to Australia in 1947 as a British subject ā€“ in fact, we were all British subjects at that time.

"I am and have always been Australian. I am ethnically half Anglo-Saxon and half tomato - Truss to be specific. The one that smells good."

More to come.