Geeks Call For Ban On Teen Girls In Movie Theatres

A petition has been created at to ban teenage girls from movie theatres that are showing comic book films.

The petition is a response to geeks’ concerns that teenage girls often talk, giggle or play on their phones during movies.

“As the popularity of comic book movies has increased, we’ve seen all kinds of demographic shifts in audiences,” says Marco Rubillo III. “We welcome that, but there’s a time and a place for it. It’s not on opening weekend.”

The petition calls for a ban on entry to all females aged 11 to 20 in theatres specially designated as ‘male geek’ theatres. Furthermore, the petition says theatres must create a specially designated female theatre.

The ban would essentially segregate audiences on the opening weekend of a comic book movie’s release.

“It’s win-win, says Rubillo. “It’s discrimination, but it’s positive discrimination.”

Long-time comic book fan Kevin Pasto supports the petition. “At the beginning of every comic book film the girls are always laughing and giggling and whispering. We build these movies up in our heads so much for so long, so it’s very, very frustrating to have the experience spoiled.”