Is The Canberra Chill Affecting Tony Abbott's Brain?

Many words have been written and spoken on the topic of Tony Abbott's continual "no sniping" and "no wrecking" policy interventions in the past week.

It all began when right-wing culture warrior Andrew Bolt released a secret recording of Christopher Pyne boasting about how the moderates in the Liberal Party were ascendant and that Pyne had voted for Turnbull in every leadership ballot ever.

As ever, Abbott demonstrated his shittiness about losing the Prime Ministership by going on radio and using Trumpian language to demand "loyalty."

The fact that a politician would demand loyalty causes The Seagull to question the mental stability of Tony Abbott. Is he deranged?

This past week he gave two speeches at conservative think-tanks detailing how a conservative government should be. Except when in the position of being able to enact those policies Abbott was found severely wanting just a few years ago.

Abbott raised taxes on the rich and boosted government spending and the national debt!

Is the current problem due to his downfall as Prime Minister, which he says, caused "bad blood" to develop in the Liberal Party.

Or is it the excruciating cold weather in Canberra?

On Saturday the weather plummeted to -8.7 degrees, the coldest in 46 years, and the three nights below -7 degrees was also a 46 year old record.

We are left wondering: are the brain cells in Tony Abbott's head firing properly?