60 Minutes To Wait Only Six Years For Cassie Sainsbury's Story

In a positive development for chequebook journalism in Australia, Cassie Sainsbury has agreed to plead guilty for a lesser sentence in relation to drugs charges in Colombia.

 Photo: AP

Photo: AP

60 Minutes is the front runner when it comes to chequebook journalism in Australia, with a number of notable paid stories on its resume, such as the Beaconsfield mine disaster and the child abduction fiasco in Lebanon.

Cassie Sainsbury's stories has all the hallmarks of TV reportage. There is a young, blonde, white woman caught in possession of copious amounts of cocaine, which is far more exotic to Australians than marijuana.

One insider from the Nine Network revealed the team is already laying the groundwork.

"There's two way this can go: Cassie as villain or Cassie as victim. It's simply reading the wind of public opinion at the right time.

"The added bonus of Cassie being a sex worker just puts a cherry on top. Australians may think they're easy-going and laidback, but really they're a bunch of prudes when it comes to women expressing their sexuality. Wait and see."