Hundreds Of Dreamcatchers Sold To Basics At Splendour

Market stalls selling dreamcatchers have reportedly made a "killing" from last weekend's Splendour in the Grass musical festival.

 Photo: Mark Metcalfe

Photo: Mark Metcalfe

The festival is the largest winter music festival held in Australia, generally a low season for music festivals.

But as throngs of basics turned up wearing glitter, flower crowns and not much else, sellers made a bunch of cash money.

"Despite all the brouhaha these days about cultural appropriation, these people can't get enough of dreamcatchers," said Ivan Lentilli, a stall holder. "I used to run an Etsy store for this stuff, but then I figured I can come here and go to a few bush doofs and make the same amount of money!"

Lily Plaintaine is another seller. "Nobody wears flower crowns away from here, but everyone sticks a dreamcatcher in their car. With each year comes new P-Platers - there's always a market for these things."