Teenager Sits Outside Camp Office In Rain For Wifi

A teenage girl has spoken to The Seagull about her camping experience at Cradle Mountain where she was forced to sit outside the camp office in freezing rain for wifi reception.

“It was cold, but not too bad,” said Mikaela Plimpton, attempting to put a positive spin on events.

“We’d been out all day. We’d done a big hike around Dove Lake at the base of Cradle Mountain, so obviously we’d taken a lot of photos that I needed to upload to Facebook and Instagram,” said Mikaela.

Mikaela’s mother, Janice, said her daughter was gone for more than two hours that evening.

“It just highlights the lengths young people will go to so they stay ahead in their social circle,” said Janice. “I mean, we’re going to Launceston tomorrow, so Mikaela would only have to wait one night before we have reliable phone reception.”

But the younger Plimpton disagreed. “It’s not just about what I post - it’s what other’s post that I need to see,” said Mikaela. “Like, my boyfriend in Melbourne sent me five cute Snaps, so that’s obviously important.”