Insensitive Professor Hands Out Concrete For Easily Triggered Students

A professor of sociology at Western Australia’s Curtin University has quickly back-pedalled after his so-called “joke” to offer students cups of concrete in lectures was slammed across the nation.

Professor James Wiltalot “apologised” “unreservedly” for the “joke” “yesterday” “evening.”

“I understand my actions were offensive and insulting and for that I unreservedly apologise,” Professor Wiltalot said in his statement. “Though I have been involved in academia since a teenager I still have much to learn.”

At the beginning of Professor Wiltalot’s Thursday lecture on the subject of changing sexual mores of the 20th century, he left cups of concrete on a stand beside his lectern.

One student recalled the moment: “He said ‘This will serve any of those who are easily triggered.’”

Another student told The Seagull that “I don’t think anyone laughed. It was more like, ‘What the fuck?’”

Other professors and lecturers spoke to The Seagull about the incident on the condition of anonymity.

“He recently found out about Tumblr, and since then has been trawling blogs for months,” said one source. “I know it’s been really unhealthy for him.”

Said another: “He just hate-reads them. He seeks out different opinions and views, but instead of engaging and learning, he uses them to reinforce his set of beliefs. It’s virtually the opposite to what being at university is all about.”