Christopher Pyne Could Definitely 'Fix' Marriage Equality

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne has told Sky News he could "fix" marriage equality were he Prime Minister.

Sky host Kieran Gilbert asked Pyne whether that would involve a free vote in parliament and the answer was "definitely."

"I'm a fixer," added Pyne, needing no prompting.

However, Pyne is not Prime Minister, and the current Prime Minister (at time of publication) Malcolm Turnbull has reiterated the Coalition's policy of a plebiscite.

Pyne went on the offensive after private comments he made to colleagues about marriage equality and the Liberal leadership spill were leaked to the media.

The comments have infuriated the onion-eating former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who said on radio there is still "bad blood" after he was deposed as Prime Minister by Turnbull.

Abbott also took a turn for the Trump-esque, stating that Cabinet members should be "loyal" to their leader after Pyne said he had voted for Turnbull every time, even in last year's Miss Canberra pageant.