Mechanic Promises To Find Only Two Extra Problems With Your Car

A mechanic in Melbourne’s northern suburbs is offering a special offer to service your car that has gone viral on social media on the Internet.


In the short video posted to Facebook, mechanic and owner of North By Northwest Motors, Steve O’Grady, says he will offer a routine service of your car for a fixed price and will only find two extra problems with your car.

The fixed price packages are more expensive than those offered by Ultratune and dealer service centres, which is due to the guarantee of extra problems being fixed. But O’Grady sees this as a strong selling point.

“With us, you won’t get a phone call 30 minutes after dropping off your car to let you know we’ve found a crack in some shaft or other. It’s already been taken care of.”

Consumer advocacy organisation Choice says it’s actually a deal worth considering.

“When you go to a mechanic for a standard service you usually get a call soon after saying they’ve found another problem and that can end up costing you hundreds of extra dollars, even though they may be lying,” Choice spokesman Christopher Zinn told The Seagull. “With North By Northwest’s offer you have a fixed price, which is admittedly higher, but you get that security.”

O’Grady says the inspiration for the idea came from a post his daughter had shown him on Instagram about being honest and upfront in all aspects of one’s life.