Greens Leader Testing Hip New Lingo

Sources have confirmed to The Seagull that Greens leader Richard Di Natale has been testing hip and youth-oriented language to appeal to the younger voting demographic.

Mr Di Natale will soon be appearing on the ABC’s infamous Q&A program, notorious for its ability to piss everyone off the next day.

At the Greens’ Melbourne HQ, Mr Di Natale and member for Melbourne Adam Bandt squared off in a mock debate. Greens members and volunteers, in between sipping chardonnay and reading Das Kapital, were vocal members of a mock audience.

“Typically when Adam, who is doing a fine job impersonating Malcolm Turnbull, with 75 clauses in each sentence, says something wacky, Richard will respond with ‘Hmm okay’ or simply ‘Okay,’” Karol Lonergan told The Seagull.

“Saying ‘LOL’ has been a crowd-pleaser too,” added Ms Lonergan.

Another volunteer, Arnie Klinger, said the key was to simplify the answer when Mr Di Natale had the audience’s attention. “Once they laugh, you’ve got them. Then you simply spell out what the Greens would do, why it would cost everyone ten times as much and why that’s better. Three sentences. It’s that simple.”