Austraya Gettin' More Jingoistic By The Day

Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten has ordered his party withdraw a TV ad after it was roasted on social media for being racist, xenophobic and nativist.

The ad features Shorten promising, if elected, to "build Australian first, buy Australian first and employ Australians first." The problem came with the final shot that contained "Australian workers" - most of them were white.

ALP leadership contender and infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese even said the ad was a stuff-up, stating "anyone who sees it will know exactly what’s wrong with it."

It's the latest foray into the "Australian values" game being played vociferously by Australia's politicians. Tony Abbott couldn't go one day without reminding everyone how good Western liberal democracies are. And since Donald Trump was elected even one-time cosmopolitan Malcolm Turnbull has sought to make it more difficult for people to become Australian citizens.

Needless to say, watch this space.