Will Arrogant French Be As Stupid As Dumb Americans?

It's the question literally everybody is asking. First, Britain turned it's back on peace, prosperity and Europe. Then the USA turned its back on decency. Will the French make it a trifecta and splinter the longest-running peaceful period of European history?

The decider pits centrist corporatist globalist bankerist Emmanuel Macron against far-right Front National candidate Marine Le Pen, a nationalist, anti-immigrant isolationist.

The Sunday decider is the first election since World War II that won't feature either the centre-right Republicans nor the left Socialists. The world has indeed turned on... something.

"I can't see Le Pen winning," says 44-year-old baker Patric Legume. "The French are generally cowards, so they will not vote to change anything." Legume says he will vote for the far-right candidate "to see what happens."

"It cannot get worse, so que sera sera."

Polls put Macron in the lead by roughly 20 points, but polls have been relatively shit over the last 12 months.