Exclusive: Boomer Wants To Pay More Tax

Gavin Hardy owns a $1 million home in Ascot Vale, has over $3 million in superannuation and a swathe a shares. He is very wealthy, and he knows it.

“I’ve done well in my life and I do not regret it. But I know that without the enormous help that society gave me, I wouldn’t be where I am.”

Mr Hardy created a transport company specialising in refrigerated trucks. He eventually moved into warehousing and distribution.

“If there weren’t highways, railways and ports, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have and employ the hundreds of people that I did.”

Mr Hardy said the Turnbull government’s 2017-18 budget was very disappointing, citing the lack of major infrastructure funding as a missed opportunity.

“How can a business like mine be nimble and agile in the 21st century without adequate transport infrastructure? Congestion will cost $53 billion by 2031 without proper investment.”

What is Mr Hardy’s solution? Higher taxes.

“I can afford higher taxes. I have four negatively geared properties that are being set aside for my children. If I make a bit less money and society makes a bit more, that’s fine. More wealthy people need to give more from the country that helped them.

“One of my daughters is studying to be a doctor. Her education is an investment in her future and the nation’s future. Trust me, I’ve had cancer. We need doctors."