30 More Diggers Should Fix Afghanistan

Defence Minister Marise Payne has confirmed that Australia will comply with a NATO request to send additional soldiers to help fix Afghanistan.

Photograph: Marco Catalano

Photograph: Marco Catalano

Australia will send 30 more troops, which will bring the current total to 300.

Australian military personnel have been in Afghanistan since the US-led coalition invaded the central Asian country to oust the tyrannical Taliban government, which was funding and supporting Al-qaeda.

Australia continues to provide military assistance and advice and bombs across the region. After the initial foray into Afghanistan, Australia joined the "Coalition of the Willing" to illegally invade Iraq.

The resulting catastrophic sectarian war in Iraq spread across the Middle East, resulting in the apocalyptic state in which Syria finds itself, largely due to the emergence of Islamic State, which spawned in the aftermath of the Iraq debacle.

Now there are Islamic State terrorist attacks all over the planet. Hopefully these 30 extra dudes can take care of it.