Twiggy Forrest To Donate 400 Litres Of Blood

Australia's bestest philanthropist, Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest is set to give the single largest donation of blood in Australia's history.

Forrest and his wife Nicola will donate 400 litres of Type O blood.

On Monday, Forrest and his wife Nicola announced they would be donating $400 million of their own hard-earned money to charitable projects, including cancer research and ending modern modern slavery.

Politicians and movie stars were on hand to get the media to be more interested.

Wednesday's blood announcement came as a big surprise. Blood specialists Dr Redmond Haem said the Forrests' must have been stockpiling blood for years.

"Ideally, we'd want people to donate blood as often as they physically can," said Dr Haem. "But I suppose if people want to hoard their blood and then donate it later it's still better than nothing."