Dog Diversity Campaign

The Australian Dogs Association has launched a campaign for greater diversity in the representation of dogs on food packaging. ADA chair Rex says the campaign is intended to give a fairer representation to all breeds of dogs.


“While the dog food industry has come a long way, we still need to present better diversity. We just can’t have border collies on every can and bag.”

The ADA has congratulated the consistent efforts of market leader Pedigree for its use of multiple dogs on different products. Rex said it was supermarkets’ private labels and newer, premium brands that were letting the industry down.

“This is nothing against border collies. Some of my best friends are border collies. But it’s just like the humans’ campaigns for better racial representation or for plus-sized models on magazines.”

The ADA wants customers to create their own dog food products using templates from its website and then upload these to Facebook and Twitter.

Woolworths and Coles declined to comment when asked by The Seagull, but industry stable Chum said a particular dog was simply part of its branding.

“We have a Scottish terrier, and people all over know we have a Scottish terrier and when they see a Scottish terrier they think of Chum,” said spokeswoman Felicity Golt.