World Limbo Championships To Be Held Under Montague Street Bridge

FLI, the International Limbo Federation, has announced the 2018 World Championships of Limbo will be held under the Montague Street Bridge in South Melbourne.

FLI decided that the bridge would be the perfect place to show Melburnians how to safely limbo under a horizontal object.

“Friends from Melbourne are always joking to me about this bridge,” said FLI president Camille Walcott. “We looked it up and the photos are hilarious.”

The Seagull asked whether the urban setting would conflict with the traditionally upbeat dance.

“Well, it did originate at wakes!” Ms Walcott joked. “But, hopefully, we can get approval from the authorities for a massive street festival that showcases Caribbean cultures. We know Australia loves the West Indies.”

The bridge is famous in Melbourne for constantly being hit by trucks and buses. Last month a tour bus carrying delegates to an international tourism conference smashed into the bridge, trapping passengers for over an hour.

Now the bridge has its own Twitter and Instagram handles, where the bridge notes its relief after a day of not being hit, as well as expressing sympathy for fellow bridges hit by vehicles.