BHP Builds Orphanages In Rebranding Campaign

The "Big Australian," BHP Billiton will drop the Billiton from its name and commence building orphanages across the globe.

The change is part of a rebranding campaign designed to emphasise the company's Australian roots.

Big boss dude Geoff Healy said the public had lost trust in big companies since the global financial crisis. "Reminding Australians how awesome it is to have this really big company is great. Australia is the place for big stuff, remember."

In a separate but related move, BHP will commence construction of 100 orphanages, with the majority located in South America. Healy denied this was connected to the Samarco mine disaster in Brazil, which killed 19 people and caused a shit ton of environmental damage, generating a fine of more than $5 billion.

"We're just giving back to the community. What's left of it."