Muslims Glad Chinese Are Taking Heat At The Moment

The current Sinophobia racing through the Australian political landscape at the moment has a silver lining for one community and no, it's not Indigenous Australians, for they are always ignored.


The Muslim community is breathing a little easier these days since the damaging stories about NSW Labor Senator Sam Dastyari's endorsement of China's territorial claims in the South China Sea, which is against his own party's policy and the policy of the Australian government, and his shady dealings with a Chinese businessman.

Ahmed al-Khalil, from the Australian Islamic Association, is looking very relaxed, smiling even. He tells The Seagull, "It's been a rough couple of... decades, let's be honest."

"Every time a bomb goes off you know the media and the comments on social media are going to be horrendous. Australia, for all its quirks, is the land of the fair go. Now they are targeting the Chinese.

"Who says Australians don't support equality?"