Guardian Editors Await Their Walkely For Bird Poll

Editors at The Guardian website will have to wait nearly a year to find out if their Bird of the Year 2017 poll news coverage will win them a swag of Walkely awards.


The winner of the 2017 edition was the Magpie, the bird equivalent of the Australian person, which viciously attacks people that look different to them and who dare to enter "their" territory.

The Walkelys are awarded to Australian journalists and news organisations for outstanding achievements in the field of journalism, or what passes for it these days.

The Bird of the Year poll is conducted every year by BirdLife Australia, but it is the first time they have teamed up with The Guardian, ostensibly to gain more clicks on the internet.

During the poll, irregularities were found with voting for certain birds, which led to the discovery of an automated bot casting votes. The Guardian's fearless journalists uncovered these disgraceful attempts to undermine the democratic process.

The results also showed the inherent problem with giving ordinary people the right to vote - demonstrated terrifically by Brexit and Donald Trump - with the Eclectus Parrot receiving only 24 votes.