Woolies Employee Has Existential Crisis Stacking Baked Beans

Jason Richards, 23, is your typical Woolworths grocery team member. He works from 7.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday.


But on one harmless Thursday, that all changed.

"I was working a backstock cage, which is where we put all the stock that doesn't fit on to the shelf when it first arrives. That led me to question why we order in so much stock but it lives in the storeroom where it literally can't be sold.

"Because we get a delivery every day. So why couldn't it come the next day? Then I though why do we end up with so much promotional stock leftover each week?

"Then I wondered why we have all these meetings every day to discuss why we are missing so much stock. I know why - it's because we have self-serve machines which makes it unbelievably easy for customers to steal things. But the managers ignore that fact.

"They just like to talk and talk to appear as if they are doing something, when in reality they just print off emails and walk around. They waste our time. They and the company do many things to make work so much harder.

"Why is it getting harder to work at Woolworths?"