Outraged Andrew Bolt Rolls In Makeshift Grave

Herald Sun blogger Andrew Bolt has revealed to colleagues he has built a makeshift grave in his backyard to roll over in when he feels outraged.

Colleagues of Bolt, who spoke to The Seagull on the condition of anonymity, said the act of rolling around six feet under made the writer feel “more relaxed.”

“Anyone who works as much as Andrew does gets stressed from time to time,” said one colleague. “With his column, his blog and the Sky News… thing, it’s no surprise he has to let off some steam.

“Every day Andrew would see so many leftie latte sippers, by Googling leftie latte sippers, that would be enough to make anyone’s blood boil.”

Another insider said the grave digging had begun about a decade ago during the Indian cricket team’s controversial tour of Australia in 2007-08.

“Andrew was incensed at the tremendous support the Indian team received in Australia, particularly Melbourne. He was left wondering whose side these fans were on.”

The Seagull has learned that Mr Bolt uses the grave about once a week to wind down. Rumours swirl that he has even invited Tony Abbot over for a quick roll over, after the former PM was toppled by Malcolm Turnbull.