Samantha Armytage

Samantha Armytage is co-host of Channel Seven’s Sunrise morning TV programme.


In 2016, Armytage surprised her guest Kristin Davis, UNHCR Ambassador and star of the TV series Sex And The City, by performing an impromptu skit. Davis had only agreed to appear on television to talk about the UNHCR program. As a result of that bizarre moment, Armytage was dumped as host of a fundraiser being held for the UNHCR the next day. And Davis ended up tweeting a wink to Lisa Wilkinson, host of the rival Today programme who had praised Davis’ charity work.

Of course, everyone’s got an opinion on everything and anything these days, so ABC TV presenter Virginia Haussegger wrote a column for the Canberra Times to single out Armytage for the skit. Haussegger also threw in some loaded language with words like bimbo, ditzy, and daft to prove… something. Anyway, Armytage was miffed and said she had to Google who Haussegger was, which Haussegger found amusing considering she interviewed Armytage for a job in her Canberra bureau. Whew!

Armytage is a selfish dill with either a bad memory or someone who is a liar. She’s just a morning TV mouthpiece for her producers, so she doesn’t have much to say. Therefore, an Insignificant Arsehair.