David Leyonhjelm

David Leyonhjelm is an Australian Senator for New South Wales, representing the Liberal Democrats Party. He is also a former practicing veterinarian. He has changed his political allegiance many times from Labor to Liberal to the Shooters’ Party and finally to the Liberal Democrats Party.

Leyonhjelm is a gun enthusiast and currently president of the Inner West Hunters Club in Sydney. He is so enthusiastic about guns that he rage-quit the Liberal Party in 1996 when then-Prime Minister John Howard to action to restrict guns in the wake of the murders of 35 people at Port Arthur. After a terrorist attack in Sydney in 2014, then-Prime Minister Tony Abbott sensibly made a sensible decision to suspend imports of a “fast and furious” lever-action shotgun that could undermine Australia’s keeping-children-alive gun control laws.

However, Abbott implemented a sunset clause upon the suspension, enabling the ban to end after 12 months in exchange for Leyonhjelm’s support for the government’s migration law changes. So now there’s over 7000 shotguns in Australia that can be easily converted to fire 11 shots in as many seconds.

Apart from having a gun fetish, Leyonhjelm also maintains arousal over thoughts of reducing taxes on everyone, but especially wealth creators i.e. rich people. In a video speech delivered during the 2016 Federal election campaign, Leyonhjelm apologized for the “needless pain, suffering and hurt” caused by government taxes and regulation. Some said it parodied former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s apology to Indigienous Australians who were part of the Stolen Generation. Parody is perhaps the wrong word, because Leyonhjelm no doubt sincerely believes that taxes do nothing but hurt people, especially taxes spent on hospitals, doctors, nurses and Medicare.

Hopefully this Insignificant Arsehair is only remembered for being a genuine arsehole and not the thousands of dangerous shotguns he helped bring into Australia.