Mark Latham

Mark Latham is a former Member of Parliament and leader of the Australian Labor Party. He led the ALP to defeat at the 2004 election, handing the Liberal-National Howard government a majority in both houses of parliament. Since his resignation from parliament, Latham has become an outspoken commentator and author.

Latham has anger management issues. In 2001, under the influence of alcohol, Latham tackled a taxi driver to the ground and broke his arm, after the cabbie had taken Latham’s bag in an attempt to get a fare payment. In 2006, a newspaper photographer took a photo of Latham and his two sons at a Hungry Jack’s. Latham snatched the camera and smashed it. The following day, Latham, whilst driving, veered towards a cameraman filming him near his Sydney home.

In 2015, Latham resigned after spending eight years as a columnist for the Australian Financial Review. The resignation came about after the publication of a series of articles by Latham that were dismissive of feminism, women and mental health issues. Like referring to the planet’s highest ranking transgender military officer Group Captain Cate McGregor as “he/she.” Concurrently, Buzzfeed claimed that the Twitter account @RealMarkLatham was in fact not a parody account but Mark Latham himself.

Using that account, Latham has sent many nasty and aggressive tweets about women, including 2015 Australian of the Year Rosie Batty. Batty’s son Luke was murdered by the child’s father, and this prompted Batty to lead a campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence against women. Latham, as a turd, doesn’t believe domestic violence to be that big of a deal, and if it is, then it’s not because men disrespect women – and children. Latham has said, on occasions, Batty was “exploiting her personal tragedy” and “doing more harm than good” by publicising the issue. What. A. Tool.

In 2016, Latham also said men “use domestic violence as a coping mechanism to get over all the other crap in their lives.” This is a common argument used by misogynists who claim working-class men, or those on welfare, or those with drug addiction problems need to bash women because… reasons.  It’s funny how it’s hardly ever the working-class women who are doing the bashings.

Mark Latham is a has-been and now the self-appointed spiritual leader of western Sydney, making money telling the rest of Australia how uneducated the people of western Sydney are. He is an Insignificant Arsehair.