Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone is a British businessman and the former chief executive of the Formula One Group, which essentially made him the boss of Formula 1. He was more commonly known as the “F1 Supremo.”

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Ecclestone is one of those businessman that uses money, connections and influence to get where he needs to go. He was a founding member of the Formula One Constructors Association which grew in power under his direction. Ecclestone also owned the Brabham racing team, and his legal advisor was Max Mosley, who later went on to lead the FIA, F1’s governing body. A Conservative MP claimed Ecclestone offered a bribe to parachute Mosley into a safe Conservative seat for the 2005 UK General Election. Ecclestone denied the bribery claims.

Bribery allegations and tax avoidance have been a feature of Ecclestone’s life. There was a lengthy case that involved the sale of Formula 1 and Ecclestone was indicted for bribery by a German court; he claimed he was being blackmailed over a family trust. Eventually, a Munich court ruled in 2014 that Ecclestone could pay £60m to make the trial go away. Hmm. He was allowed to achieve a similar outcome over tax avoidance in 2008 with a payment to Inland Revenue of £10m. Ecclestone even got the UK Labour government to seek an exemption for F1 in regards to tobacco sponsorship in the same year he donated £1m.

In 2009, Ecclestone made comments seen as supportive of Adolf Hitler, former Nazi party leader and dictator of Germany. He had said Hitler was “able to get things done” and seemed to intimate that the dictator was persuaded to do the bad things he did. It seems pretty obvious to most people that you don’t say positive things about Hitler unless you are a Nazi or an anti-Semite. Still, after many Jewish organisations criticised his stupid comments, he said “it’s a pity they didn’t sort the banks out” referring to the global financial crisis of 2008. Classic anti-Semitic stereotyping!

Oh, and when speaking about US IndyCar driver Danica Patrick, the first woman to win an IndyCar race, Ecclestone said “women should be dressed in white like all the other domestic appliances.”

Bernie Ecclestone is one of those businessmen obsessed with money and power, but, inside is a really shitty person, one of those toffs that makes idiotic comments every now and then. Undoubtedly he has grown the sport of Formula 1, so he is a Significant Arsehair.