Tim Blair

Tim Blair is a blogger, editor, journalist and political commentator. Blair writes for Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, where his blog is now located.


Blair is a conservative, and one of those conservatives who writes for the media in that sense of "conservatism is the way of truth and everyone else’s views are 100% wrong. Also, no compromising." Blair also writes in the method of going after other journalists, reporters and presenters.

Case in point: 2014, and Blair ran a poll on his blog to Crown Our Crazy Queen. Writes Blair:

They shriek, they rage, they cheer, they despair, they exult, they scream, they laugh, they cry! There’s never a non-emotional moment in the lives of Australia’s left-wing ladies’ auxiliary, whose psychosocial behavioural disorders are becoming ever more dramatic following Tony Abbott’s election.

The poll was a search for Australia’s “most unhinged hysteric” leftwing woman. Blair seems to have a pathological distaste for intelligent women, often making personal remarks against them, or writing about the way they look, the way they sound and the clothes they wear, even mocking someone’s dead father. Classy.

Next up: 2016, and Blair wrote an article critical of transgender woman Caitlyn Jenner and light-skinned Indigenous Australians. He compared them to fraudster Belle Gibson, a fraud who claimed she had cancer and had the treatment for cancer and actively helped to make people with cancer more sick. Because, whereas Caitlyn Jenner has realised she is a transgender woman, and light-skinned Indigenous Australians are Indigenous Australians, Gibson had merely “identified as a cancer sufferer.” Clearly the same thing.

To continue: 2016, and Blair wrote an article lampooning ABC employees who were seeking domestic violence leave as part of their new employment agreement. He asked, “What kind of carnage-strewn bloodhouse are they operating over there?” Turns out his colleagues at News Corporation were also seeking domestic violence leave as part of their new agreement, and were confused as to why News Corporation would allow one of its columnists to undermine the good work done by its newspapers to combat the scourge of domestic violence.

Some see Blair’s work as satire. You know, satirising minorities, the disadvantaged, victims of violence, the mentally ill, etc. But it’s not. Well, it’s funny if you’re a fucking piece of shit. Tim Blair ain’t Significant; he ain’t even an Arsehair. Tim Blair is a turd.