Draw A Dick On Your Electoral Ballot

Australians’ faith in politics has been slowly but surely eroding, hitting its lowest mark since 1993. Many look back at the halcyon days of John Howard’s Prime Ministership. They seem to think that Howard is Australia’s great prime minister since Sir Robert Menzies, as if career longevity is the hallmark of greatness; in that case, Sam Newman would have to be one of the greatest sports presenters in the history of television.


Many are also quick to forget the policy changes (backflips, flip-flops, lies - call them what you will) that Howard instituted whilst in government. Who can forget (most Australians, apparently) Howard’s “non-core promise” to not cut health and education spending in 1996 no matter that state of the Federal budget. There was also his promise lie to “never ever” introduce a GST. So, before you revel in the memory of the Howard years, just remember he was a politician like all the rest and has consistently lied and contributed to Australians’ distrust of politicians.

Now, nobody can deny that since 2007, Australian politics has become unstable. In both the Liberal Party and the Labor Party there have been four changes of the leader. In the last four years alone there have been four different prime ministers and four different treasurers. How much should Australians really care about politics since politicians constantly change their mind, fail to compromise on just about everything, and only care about the blood sport of political combat itself?

How do Australians respond to politicians disrespecting their votes at the ballot box? They return the favour by disrespecting the process by drawing a dick on their ballot.

Drawing a dick on your ballot is a growing choice for many Australians. At the time of the Federal election in 2016, there were numerous news articles discussing the merits of drawing penises of ballot papers. Social researcher Dr Lauren Rosewarne theorises that the drawing of a dick is a legitimate - if juvenile - statement of “Fuck you” to politicians and the political system itself. Indeed, you only need to look at the success of Donald Trump last year to understand how furious ordinary people are at the political establishment.

So, if you feel underwhelmed by the current state of Australian politics, then you should feel no sense of shame by drawing a dick. And you won’t be alone - the 2016 election had the lowest amount of formal votes since voting became compulsory in 1925.

So, drawing a dick is how to be a patriot.