Criticise The Elites

The great promise of democracy, as opposed to monarchies, dictatorships and communism, is the people have a say in who runs the country. Democracy is, in essence, by the people and for the people.

Of course, this concept taken to its logical extreme is absurd, so there is a little check that makes us actually a liberal-democracy, which involves having a legal system that protects every individual from the tyranny of the majority. Also, since getting everybody to discuss and vote on every single government decision would be difficult to say the least, we actually have a representative democracy, where the people choose those (by a majority vote) to make the decisions.

The people are a few steps removed from the decision-making process. There is often another layer. Some might call these people Experts.

Others call them Elites.

Elites spend many years in education, training and working to learn as much as they can in their fields, and apply that knowledge to achieve the best outcome for either the majority of citizens or vested interests that stand to benefit financially.

Elites tend to use language that is not monosyllabic and discuss complex ideas for complex problems that can have a multitude of outcomes.

If you want to be a patriot, you must criticise the Elites. You must attack the thousands of scientists who have spent thousands of collective hours investigating the greenhouse gas effect and the eventual climate change that will arise from increased pollution caused by humans.

You must criticise the national security experts who warn against stigmatising immigrant communities. You must criticise the criminology experts who warn against policing our way out of drug crime. You must criticise the Indigenous activists who mourn the celebrations of Australia Day. You must criticise the academics who create anti-bullying programs that protect all children.

These Elites are all stuffed with political correctness and can’t do no plain-speaking.

(But not ex-sportsmen who criticise current sportspeople - they know exactly what they’re talking about.)