Wicked Campers Are Fine

Is Australia going soft? It says a lot about us when we look back to 2011 and begin scolding ourselves for giving Chris Lilley an ARIA for blackface.

Now state governments across the nation want to ban the humorous slogans written on the back of Wicked Campers.

Queensland passed laws earlier in the year that would allow the Department of Transport to deregister a vehicle if it failed to remove offending slogans - to be declared by the Advertising Standards Bureau.

So, some faceless bureaucracy that is funded by the advertising industry itself is going to decide what we find funny? Who gets to decide whats funny or not? The Australian government didn't find the APEC prank by the Chaser funny, but everyone else in the country did!

The whingers commonly cite this van: "Inside every princess is a little slut who wants to try it just once..." It's a reference to anal sex and it's clever. Those who've done it have no problem and would admit to this truth, and those who won't try it can't possibly be offended about something they don't know!

Or they do. Everyone seems to be taking offence about something which doesn't involve them!

Now one single snowflake is going to be triggered and ruin a little amusement for the rest of us? Australia is turning into a nanny state full of rules dictated to us by cultural wowsers who'd have us watching the arts shows on ABC every damn day and reading nothing but Overland magazine.

I can forsee a future where stand-up comedians make one clever but dirty joke and they are marched off stage by the fun police. Then they are forced to submit their routines in advance. Comedy clubs will be full of nothing but Knock Knock jokes.

Is this really Australia in 2017?