The Sugar Tax Will Destroy Liberty

Australia has never really had much liberty. I mean, there’s only an “implied” right to free speech in the constitution. What little is left is rapidly being eroded by the Nanny State. Governments here are never able to properly manage any budget surplus for more than a year at a time, so the quick fix is obviously a new tax.

To go with the established sin taxes on alcohol and cigarettes (and, indeed, luxury cars) there are plans afoot to create a sugar tax, predominantly placed on soft drinks.

That’s right, everyone’s favourite addition to lunch and dinner, or a little treat for the kids, could soon be burning a hole in your wallet. The leftist Grattan Institute has recommenced a tax of 40 cents per 100 grams of sugar. Your $4.10 bottle of Coke will soon be $4.90.

The Nanny Statists say that this will cut obesity, heart disease and cancers. Everything they suggest always results in this outcome. Mandatory seatbelts will save lives. Banning public smoking will save lives. The Lockout Laws will save lives.

But what kind of a life is it, if there is to be no real living done? What do these elites expect us to do? Eat apples and run 10km a day, now that we soon won’t be able to drink, smoke or eat anything tasty? You know the vegans are likely plotting an insidious tax on red meat too.

If people didn’t want to be obese then they wouldn’t eat so much food. Why do normal, average, healthy people have to suffer for the indulgences of the weak? It’s that simple. Where has the personal responsibility gone? Whatever happened to moderation? Taxing responsible people for the sins of the few is an egregious insult to liberty.

Beware any government that listens to the experts who suggest a tax will save lives. What it really does is destroy your already fragile liberty. And replenish their bank account - with your money!