Expel Jews From The United States

Ever since the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary conspired with the British Zionist and banker Walter Rothschild, of the Rothschild dynasty, that today has the largest private fortune in the world, the Jewish question has never been solved. The Jews were given a homeland by their European friends but many continue to seek out control in other countries, namely the greatest civilisation in the history of the world, the United States of America.

Jews all the globe have reveled in their so-called diaspora, using their influence in banking, media and clothing. You may have heard of the Rothschild family and their vast fortune, you may know about the Jewish control of Hollywood, but you will know that every civilised man and woman will one day wear the Jewish jeans created by Levi Strauss. Truly, Jews have infiltrated every facet of American life.

America is a symbol and a dream and a project. We waged war to be free of the imperialism and hegemonic, dynastic families that controlled the lives of ordinary folk, yet now we remain at the mercy of the elites bankers, politicians, media moguls and Jews who consistently embroil us in the problems of other countries. They took us into World War I, then later against Germany and Japan. How much of our blood and treasure has been wasted in the Middle East serving their masters in the State of Israel?

Every Jew has automatic citizenship in the State of Israel. It is time that Jews declared their true allegiance. America is for Americans. It is necessary for the security of our free state that until Jews can be trusted to serve America and not the Zionist Elders that they be expelled from the United States.