The Sugar Tax Will Destroy Liberty

Australia has never really had much liberty. I mean, there’s only an “implied” right to free speech in the constitution. What little is left is rapidly being eroded by the Nanny State. Governments here are never able to properly manage any budget surplus for more than a year at a time, so the quick fix is obviously a new tax.

To go with the established sin taxes on alcohol and cigarettes (and, indeed, luxury cars) there are plans afoot to create a sugar tax, predominantly placed on soft drinks.

That’s right, everyone’s favourite addition to lunch and dinner, or a little treat for the kids, could soon be burning a hole in your wallet. The leftist Grattan Institute has recommenced a tax of 40 cents per 100 grams of sugar. Your $4.10 bottle of Coke will soon be $4.90.

The Nanny Statists say that this will cut obesity, heart disease and cancers. Everything they suggest always results in this outcome. Mandatory seatbelts will save lives. Banning public smoking will save lives. The Lockout Laws will save lives.

But what kind of a life is it, if there is to be no real living done? What do these elites expect us to do? Eat apples and run 10km a day, now that we soon won’t be able to drink, smoke or eat anything tasty? You know the vegans are likely plotting an insidious tax on red meat too.

If people didn’t want to be obese then they wouldn’t eat so much food. Why do normal, average, healthy people have to suffer for the indulgences of the weak? It’s that simple. Where has the personal responsibility gone? Whatever happened to moderation? Taxing responsible people for the sins of the few is an egregious insult to liberty.

Beware any government that listens to the experts who suggest a tax will save lives. What it really does is destroy your already fragile liberty. And replenish their bank account - with your money!

Criminalise Adultery

Australia has been a shining beacon in the Western world when it comes to moral decay. From South Australia granting women the vote in 1895 to the Native Title laws of the 1990s, Australia has been at the forefront of depravity. There are heroin injecting rooms for addicts in Sydney. Now they want ice dens as well.

Were we to block the filth streaming across the Internet, not to mention the smut that Foxtel plays, like Geordie Shore, this once great country might have a chance in the 21st century.

Now social justice warriors and the elites are intent on ratcheting up this festering by turning us all into genderless junkies, inviting us to be slaves to our darkest excesses that musgt be available on a whim.

It is time to put a stop to this debauchery. It is time to stop this madness. The first step we must take is to criminalise adultery. No longer should it possible for the supposed unbreakable bonds of marriage, those most sacred of vows, to face no Earthly punishment. The laws of man are divined from the laws of God, and He must be heard.

Criminalising adultery would allow Australia to become a world leader in moral character. Those men and women undertaking marriage would understand the seriousness of this institution. A serious prison sentence for those flouting their vows would develop in Australians a serious moral fibre.

Furthermore, the nuclear family is the single greatest social security safety net. A strong marriage would necessitate a strong family, with children of strong character. The opportunity for new people with moral strength would be exponential.

Family is also the best form of welfare. No longer would single parents be able to leech off governments were they contained in strong marriages and strong families. To weaken the institutions of family and marriage for the sake of lust, that most despicable of sins, is unbecoming of a country like Australia. There must be serious legal consequences.

If Australia does not find its backbone soon we’ll all be drug-addled, orgiastic sex fiends with no concept of who we are and ripe for takeover.

Expel Jews From The United States

Ever since the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary conspired with the British Zionist and banker Walter Rothschild, of the Rothschild dynasty, that today has the largest private fortune in the world, the Jewish question has never been solved. The Jews were given a homeland by their European friends but many continue to seek out control in other countries, namely the greatest civilisation in the history of the world, the United States of America.

Jews all the globe have reveled in their so-called diaspora, using their influence in banking, media and clothing. You may have heard of the Rothschild family and their vast fortune, you may know about the Jewish control of Hollywood, but you will know that every civilised man and woman will one day wear the Jewish jeans created by Levi Strauss. Truly, Jews have infiltrated every facet of American life.

America is a symbol and a dream and a project. We waged war to be free of the imperialism and hegemonic, dynastic families that controlled the lives of ordinary folk, yet now we remain at the mercy of the elites bankers, politicians, media moguls and Jews who consistently embroil us in the problems of other countries. They took us into World War I, then later against Germany and Japan. How much of our blood and treasure has been wasted in the Middle East serving their masters in the State of Israel?

Every Jew has automatic citizenship in the State of Israel. It is time that Jews declared their true allegiance. America is for Americans. It is necessary for the security of our free state that until Jews can be trusted to serve America and not the Zionist Elders that they be expelled from the United States.