About the seagull

Like a lonely kakapo calling out to the void in a desperate search for attention, The Seagull aims to placate its own emptiness by pouring scorn on the defenceless, like politicians, media commentators, business owners and sportspeople. This is serious stuff for serious times. LOL.

Look, it's a satirical news website I've created to get a social media following so one day a book publisher will give me a chance to write a book and be paid some nice dollarydoos. Enjoy!


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Stay up to date with the latest sport (that we're interested in).

insignificant arsehairs

Inspired by Real Housewife Giana Liano, we look at some famous people on our blue planet and ponder whether they are Significant or Insignificant.

how to be a patriot

Find out how you can do your bit to be a better Aussie!

villain of the week

Pretty self-explanatory.

punching vegans

Coming soon. You'll see!




Take a thorough look at Andrew Bolt's journalism...


Pointless charts and graphs that mean nothing.


Where you can have your say. But you can't and they're all fake.