The Silver Seagull

The Silver Seagull is award to the buffoon of the year. A conceited yet moronic individual who spouts nonsense.

The obvious choice for 2017 is Malcolm Roberts.


Roberts is a former Senator who was kicked out of parliament because he was illegally elected. Roberts lied about his citizenship when he nominated for the 2016 election. He chose to believe he was solely Australian, despite the fact that he was was also a British citizen.

Roberts also believes that there is no "empirical" evidence for an increase in global temperatures causing by human pollution, leading to climate change.

Roberts has frequently used a style of writing and terminology linked to the sovereign citizen movement which sees governments as illegitimate and attempts to assert the rights of individuals to ignore laws and taxes. Crackpot stuff.

Roberts also believes that a Jewish conspiracy of international bankers are trying to gain control of the planet through environmentalism, a claim which was founded by a anti-Semite and Holocaust denier.

What a fuckstain.