The Peg Leg Award

The Peg Leg Award is named after that peculiar seagull that stands off to the side, hiding one leg in an attempt to garner sympathy from humans. But we know that it is actually a healthy bird trying to scavenge a chip like the rest of the gulls. The Peg Leg is awarded to those that would claim to be doing good but actually are causing harm.

This year it was Lyle Shelton.


Lyle Shelton is boss of the Australian Christian Lobby, a lobbyist organisation which has appointed itself as the protector of all Christians in Australia. Shelton is a notable opponent of marriage equality and all progressive causes and thinks all non-heterosexual people are abominations.

Shelton believes that marriage equality will lead to another Stolen Generation and has publicly supported the use of conversion therapy upon children. Shelton is also a fanatical opponent of the anti-bullying Safe Schools program and frequently lies about queer issues to his idiot supporters.

And despite the devastating impact that domestic violence causes in Australia, particularly within Christian communities, Shelton's lobbyist organisation ignores the issues, instead focusing on what two consenting adults want to do.